About me


Welcome to my page! My name is Isabelle. I am the creator of Accordingtoisabelle! 


I'm a very active kind of woman, and I like to play sports since I was a little girl. Additionally, I like to work on my self physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Further, I like to keep a bullet journal to maintain my school and personal life. 


In my blog, I want to create a safe place where you can choose your interests and learn more about how to maintain yourself in the four areas of your life: Physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. It's important to renew yourself in each of the areas. You will create balance, growth, and change your life.

Daily, I like to grow into the best version of myself and try making space for accepting myself and others for who they are. For me, it's important to work towards your best self. But it's also important to accept yourself for the person you are in the moment. You are perfect the way you are, even if you are working towards your best self. Life is a work in progress. Instead of trying to fix yourself, try not to forget to live your life. 


I want to share my knowledge with all of you according to my experience. That's why I called my blog AccordingtoIsabelle, everything you read is according to my experience and point of view. What you read works for me. You can try it and hopefully, it will help, but if it doesn't don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone is different and everybody has other ways of doing it. If you do you can always message me. 


I've grouped the four areas into different topics. It will make it easier to find your favorite kind of area. 


If you want to read more about the physical area, your interest will probably be in ''Fitness''. 


If you want to read more about the emotional, mental or spiritual areas, your interests will probably be in ''Mindstyle''. 


If you like to be more creative and work creatively on your emotional, mental, or spiritual areas, your interests will probably be in ''Journaling''. 


If you want to read or be creative in the social/emotional area, your interests will probably be in ''Lifestyle''






My favorite quote is: ''your only limit is your mind'' 
Whatever you want to achieve in your life, whatever yourself/people tell you you can’t do, no matter how many times you went down, nobody but yourself is choosing what you are going to do about it. Nobody is deciding for you. It's your mind choosing to believe their opinions. Your mind is telling you you cannot do it. Your mind is your only limit and your own self-limiting beliefs are the only reason that will stop you from achieving your success. That's why it's so important in life to train your mind on how you can take your power back to get the things you want in life. So if you want to achieve something new, just remember nobody can stop you from doing the things you want in life. You are the only one that is stopping you by telling or believing the things everybody is telling you. You are worthy of everything you want in life, so own it and start believing in yourself. Remember who you are, who you want to be, and go get the things you want in your life. 


I hope you like my blog! If you have any questions or want to talk to me, you can reach me on any social media page or contact me at my contact form! Have fun looking around!